London Nightscapes

I used a Phase One digital medium format system, the XF body with a IQ3 100 back, for this personal project featuring nighttime scenes of London and its architecture. I used the unbelievably sharp (and heavy) 40-80mm LS Schneider lens to zoom in/out during long exposures. The subjects remain clearly visible but the frame is shattered by light trails that lure the viewer into considering the next iteration of urban development, whatever that might be.

The photographs highlight the ever-changing and fleeting nature of urban London life, and offer a somewhat surreal, dystopian presentation of the city. At the heart of this series is the contrast between continuity and change. London is a city in constant motion, and the lights that set the city aglow after sunset serve only to highlight this movement. It feels like there is never-ending construction, with future icons of the capital’s skyline emerging every week.

The 100MP system produced stunningly sharp results with colour reproduction to match and I’ve produced limited-edition runs. Contact me for pricing and mounting/framing options.

Some of the prints mounted on DiBond were exhibited at the Eggison Daniel salon just off Berkeley Square, London, and are currently looking for a new home.